Let's Space It. Sridhar Raichetty

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11 Jan 2022
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Let's Space It. Sridhar Raichetty

Space is arguably both finite and infinite while the universe is expanding, and this evokes ambition, excitement and puzzlement in humans. Out of which space technology, designed for space exploration, is born. Thus, it is even more interesting to learn the life stories of people behind innovation and technological development.

In this series of articles, we are introducing our colleagues behind ReOrbit technology. What brought them to the industry, their journeys towards humanity's ongoing expansion across the final frontier, lessons learnt and things they’d create if there were no technological limitations.

Meet Sridhar Raichetty, ReOrbit's Head of Flight Software, whose 8-year long career has entailed steep learning curves, unparalleled levels of responsibility and attention to detail, required in the space sector, yet hasn’t diluted the joys of teamwork and the shared sense of accomplishment, and the fascination with the mysteries of space. Sridhar is up for the challenge of going above and beyond: there is a myriad of questions out there, why not to try answering at least some of them?  

Why did you choose space

I have always been fascinated by the vastness and mysteries of the universe. Space represents the ultimate frontier, where human exploration and scientific discovery intersect. The opportunity to be a part of something that pushes the boundaries of knowledge and technology motivated me to choose a career in the space sector.

You started your career as

I began my career as a software developer for cellular devices. Working in that field provided me with a strong foundation in software development and problem-solving skills. It allowed me to gain experience in optimizing performance and ensuring seamless communication. This later proved valuable in the space sector, which I joined without an extensive expertise, thus, had to climb a steep learning curve. So, having some basis in software development helped me enormorsly.

In September 2021 I joined ReOrbit as Head of Flight Software and have been enjoying another learning curve here – less steep but not less fascinating.

Your most memorable memory so far

One of my most memorable memories is witnessing the successful launch and seeing the first images or data sent back by a satellite that I had contributed to. That culmination of months or even years of hard work, collaboration, and application of engineering expertise, coming to fruition in space, is an awe-inspiring experience that I will never forget. Also, knowing that my work played a role in capturing those invaluable insights from space is a truly humbling and rewarding experience.

On another note, one thing I will never forget in my first job is successfully fixing a bug that had been plaguing a Motorola device for six months. The bug was elusive and challenging because no one was able to reproduce it consistently. It required a deep understanding of the device's software and hardware interactions, meticulous testing, and creative problem-solving. Finally resolving the bug and seeing the impact it had on improving the device's performance was a moment of great satisfaction and pride.

Your most valuable lesson so far

The most valuable lesson I have learned is the importance of teamwork and effective communication. Space missions involve complex systems and require close collaboration among engineers, scientists, and mission specialists. It's essential to foster a culture of open communication, mutual respect, and trust within the team to overcome challenges and achieve success.

What nobody prepared you for

One thing that nobody fully prepared me for was the level of responsibility and attention to detail required in the space sector. The precision and reliability demanded in designing and operating space systems are unparalleled. It taught me to always anticipate potential pitfalls, think critically, and be ready to adapt and troubleshoot in real-time.

The one thing that makes you smile

What makes me smile is seeing the collective enthusiasm and dedication of the team when we overcome challenges and achieve milestones in our space missions. The shared sense of accomplishment and the bond formed with my colleagues during these moments is something that brings me great joy.

Imagine there are no technological limitations, what do you wish you could design/create in the space sector

I would love to design and create advanced interstellar probes capable of exploring distant star systems and exoplanets. These probes would be equipped with revolutionary propulsion systems and advanced sensing capabilities, enabling us to unlock the secrets of other solar systems and potentially discover signs of extraterrestrial life. The prospect of venturing beyond our own solar system and expanding our understanding of the universe is truly exciting.



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