White paper

Software-First Satellites:
Essential Growth Lever for Space

Benefits and Trade-Offs of a Software-First Approach
in the Space Industry

The paradigm change that was brought about by New Space

The global space sector is experiencing exceptionally strong growth driven by new supply and demand dynamics, disruptive innovations and transformational business models. In a more open, competitive and collaborative environment, digital technologies have emerged as an essential growth lever for the space industry, as per other major industries, such as automotive and aeronautics. Hardware has become increasingly commoditized and less differentiated, whilst the focus has been shifting to software.

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Satellites need to be considered as architectures defined first by software

Download the full report that delves into the digital transition in the space industry, lessons learnt from other industries, and why software plays a key role in ensuring full satellite flexibility, and enabling more integrated, higher-performance and more resilient (software-defined) networks. The report outlines four main benefits, as well as challenges and trade-offs of a software-first approach.

Explore the paradigm change that was brought about by New Space

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