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Using modular and reusable small satellites

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ReOrbit is a startup established in 2019 headquartered in Helsinki, Finland. ReOrbit’s vision is to make space sustainable and reliable leading to a circular space economy. Our management team has extensive years of experience within satellite manufacturing and operation on both LEO and GEO constellations.

ReOrbit adopts an approach to transform the traditional thought of making rigid and single-use satellites into reusable, flexible and low-cost satellites. This is enabled using a next-generation platform that is modular, configurable to host payloads in-orbit as well as enable in-orbit manufacturing and from-orbit servicing.



Are you interested in a career in space? Do you want to revolutionize the way satellites are generally perceived? Then ReOrbit is the place to be.

We believe in innovation, driven by passion and committed to a culture of care. If you are ready to make the difference, explore our openings.

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