Career at ReOrbit

Today we are a rapidly growing company and building a very strong multidisciplinary team to support our activities. We are headquartered in Helsinki, Finland with subsidiaries in Stockholm, Sweden and Bariloche, Argentina.

Join us in our journey of creating the most compelling in-space data flow company of the new space era by augmenting world’s information use via space.

Business Development Specialist

Stockholm, Kista
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Procurement Manager

Helsinki HQ
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Helsinki HQ
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Our Values

Tom DeMarco stated long ago in his evergreen Peopleware: “The major problems of engineering are not so much technological as sociological in nature”. Invention and innovation have sociologically shifted in the last hundred years. The individualistic, eccentric inventor in a lab coat working alone is an outdated cliché. Innovation comes from teams. But, while every team is a group, not every group is a team. Jelled teams are the ones making the difference, and jelled teams are nothing but networks of brains working together for a common goal. That’s what we’re building at ReOrbit: a network of people fueled by gray matter. To ensure this network of brains blooms, we pay attention to:


Companies face a dilemma; if totally flat, it’s tough to achieve consensus. If totally vertical, they go full autocratic. Knowing this, at ReOrbit we plan hierarchies carefully. We don’t treat titles as vacuous chains of adjectives and nouns; they reflect what people do. We actively fight elites from forming.


Heterogeneity is a team asset and is, according to research (Hackman, J., & Oldham, G. - 1980. Work redesign. Addison-Wesley), linked to better team performance, and reduces the risks of groupthink. Nationality, race, gender, political diversity enrich the workplace and provide different perspectives for problem-solving.


It means dependability among team members. It is grown with time and effort by keeping promises and leading by example.

Open Communication

No secrecy, no compartmenting of information, no hiding.

Shared aversion to nonsense

A company-wide appreciation for the truth. Prevalence of evidence versus speculation. Prevalence of valuable discussions instead of pointless meetings without clear agendas.


Last but not least, startup world can be hectic, so cheerfulness and a great sense of humor is an asset. We try to have some fun while we do what we do.

If you share these views, and you think you have something to contribute to an industry that needs to be perfected, consider the idea of joining us and making a difference.