ReOrbit joins the Digital Defence Ecosystem

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11 Jan 2022
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ReOrbit joins the Digital Defence Ecosystem

ReOrbit is pleased to announce that we have joined the Digital Defence Ecosystem. DDE is an industry-driven ecosystem for Finnish technology providers that improves the capabilities and competencies of its members, fosters the expansion of their businesses in international markets for defence and security, and advances the application of rapidly evolving civil and dual-use technologies in defence and security solutions. By bringing together the top companies and civil organisations DDE targets to create significant new business growth in the defence and security field. The ecosystem is further strengthened by each member, thus new members are warmly invited to join.

“We are thrilled to have new members in the ecosystem. ReOrbit is one of the most promising NewSpace scale-ups globally. We believe in full utilisation of Finnish technology, competence, and knowledge base. Connecting deep-tech and start-ups to defence industry is one of the key purposes of DDE”, states Jarmo Puputti, the Ecosystem Lead of DDE.

International defence cooperation and national security is becoming increasingly digitalised. At the same time, there is a clear need to strengthen strategic posture and autonomy when it comes to space as an important domain. To answer this call, ReOrbit is providing cost-efficient, advanced space infrastructure and satellites to enable geo intelligence and secure communications, whilst using encrypted secure channels and interconnectivity. The priority of ReOrbit is to establish trusted partnerships with their customers to whom they deliver defence & security solutions to ensure successful missions as well as all-encompassing sovereignty in data transfer.

"At ReOrbit we are firmly committed to deliver certainty in an uncertain world. Joining the Digital Defence Ecosystem is another example of the way that we collaborate with our value-added partners to deliver highly reliable, secure satellite-based capabilities that are flexible and scalable," says Sethu Saveda Suvanam, Founder & CEO of ReOrbit.

About ReOrbit

ReOrbit manufactures autonomous & inter-networking satellites that are optimized for efficient and reliable delivery of customers’ space-related data. ReOrbit is creating the most compelling in-space data flow company of the new space era by augmenting world’s information use via space.

ReOrbit works with leading customers in security, satcom and Earth observation. The technology is supported by a partnership with the European Space Agency.

Founded in 2019, ReOrbit is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland with additional offices in Sweden and Argentina. For more information, please visit


Media Contact:
Jana Avdeeva, Marketing Manager, ReOrbit



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