ReOrbit and TransAstra Sign Spacecraft Development and Logistics Contracts

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11 Jan 2022
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ReOrbit and TransAstra Sign Spacecraft Development and Logistics Contracts

Helsinki & Los Angeles – 14 April 2022

TransAstra, a provider of breakthrough orbital logistics and space domain awareness solutions, and ReOrbit, a provider of software-defined small satellites for beyond LEO missions, announced today that they have signed binding contracts for initial spacecraft development and orbital logistics services.

Under these contracts, TransAstra will provide mission definition and engineering analysis for TransAstra’s Worker Bee™ orbital transfer vehicles to deliver ReOrbit’s customer satellites to Low Earth Orbit, Medium Earth Orbit, Geostationary Orbit and Cis-Lunar orbits. In addition, ReOrbit will provide development options under which ReOrbit generates cost, feasibility, and integration considerations to complete the production and testing of Worker Bee. Under a separate Memorandum of Agreement, TransAstra will explore selecting ReOrbit as a preferred provider of microsats and smallsats for certain customer payloads, while ReOrbit will explore selecting TransAstra’s Worker Bee as the preferred supplier of orbital transport vehicle services, including satellite delivery and hosting.

“We are delighted about this revenue-generating contract with ReOrbit,” said Joel Sercel, CEO of TransAstra. “This agreement takes us an important step forward in TransAstra’s leadership in providing orbital logistics services throughout cislunar space. We look forward to deepening our partnership with ReOrbit.”

“ReOrbit is very pleased to engage in this contract with TransAstra. The cooperation between both companies will strongly push space technology further. Through this agreement we will be able to demonstrate the versatility of the Gluon platform to adopt to in-orbit applications such as orbital transfer vehicles. As a platform provider, we continuously look for new opportunities and missions to supply,” said Sethu Saveda Suvanam, Founder & CEO ReOrbit.

About ReOrbit

ReOrbit manufactures autonomous & inter-networking satellites that are optimized for efficient and reliable delivery of customers’ space-related data. ReOrbit is creating the most compelling in-space data flow company of the new space era by augmenting world’s information use via space.

ReOrbit works with leading customers in security, satcom and Earth observation. The technology is supported by a partnership with the European Space Agency.

Founded in 2019, ReOrbit is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland with additional offices in Sweden and Argentina. For more information, please visit



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